Business Insurance Claim

Please contact ii-A as soon as possible to receive your claim form.
Please email or call 1300 00 2481
We are really sorry to hear about your incident.
Our aim is to assist you with the claim's lodgment as soon as possible.
You can help us do this be ensuring the claim form is completed promptly and that all questions are fully answered.
There are number of steps which must be taken immediately:
  • 1
    Report the incident to ii-A by telephone 1300 00 2481 or email, wherever practicable, within 24 hours of the incident
  • 2
    Regardless of whether or not the claim been reported or a loss assessor appointed, you must immediately do whatever is necessary to prevent further losses.
  • 3
    Whatever the circumstances of the incident, DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE AT FAULT, as it may prejudice your claim

Actions Speak Louder than Words